Please contact Christine Milovani, LCSW through Synergy Whole Health if you are interested in scheduling a personalized class, workshop, or retreat for your organization.  

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  Participant comments from feedback forms:

   "Thank you for opening my mind and my heart.”

​   "The class is relaxing and energizing, all in one!"

   "The messages that Christine shares are clearly visible in her personal presence. Thank you!"

   "This class gave me a connection to and awareness of my body, and a better understanding
      of my whole self."

   "Christine emanates grace and peace. She offers a calm and healing presence to the class.
     Her gentle voice, demeanor, and movements are inspiring."

   "Great content. Excellent descriptions of very complex subject matter."

   "Christine is very knowledgeable and gave wonderful information that was useful for my daily life."

   "I loved this class! I think I really got a feeling of my own inner power."

   "Very personalized class in which she tailored to fit my goals. Christine facilitates learning
      in a positive and open format. This was a life changing class for me!"

   "Christine gives great verbal instructions with great visualizations."


  • Healing with EASE
  • Choices for Change
  • Empowered Communication
  • Self-Care in Healthcare
  • ​Whole Person, Whole Health

Education Programs 

​Whole Person, Whole Community, Whole Health. 

​​Synergy Whole Health

​​The following programs are based in the foundational components of mindful awareness, compassion, empowerment and resilience. Each program is facilitated by drawing on experience and training in the areas of social work, integrative health, motivational interviewing, counseling, meditation, guided imagery, reiki and qigong.

The overall program goals are to support self-care strategies that empower a unique experience of whole health, while the content for each program is tailored to meet the specific needs of each group.  (sample descriptions).